How To Get The Best From Your Agent

Here is a brief outline of the publishing process and how Creative Work can help you as a writer.

1st Step — Submitting a proposal

Once you have an idea for a book, be it fiction or non-fiction, you should send Creative Work a synopsis and three chapters (two chapters for non-fiction). The agency will assess the calibre of the writing and decide whether the general premise of the book appeals to an international readership. If so, editorial guidance relating to the book's development may be offered. Every proposal is kept confidential.

2nd Step — Sending in the completed manuscript

If your manuscript is worth taking forward, Creative Work may suggest further revisions and ask you to sign an author-agent contract in which the agency's commission rates are outlined. The manuscript is then ready to send to publishers.

3rd Step — Finding a publisher

Creative Work has an extensive network of contacts in Asia, Europe and the United States and will start talking to editors about your manuscript.

4th Step — Negotiating the publisher's contract

A publisher's contract will be offered when a publisher is interested in your manuscript. It is at this point that Creative Work negotiates terms on your behalf such as: how much the publisher will pay for the book and into which territories the publisher can sell a book. Once approved by all parties, the contract will be signed by you, the author; and Creative Work, the agent.

5th Step — What next?

Once an agency contract has been signed, Creative Work will represent you and endeavour to sell your work locally and internationally. If the book has film potential, the agency will contact production companies and assist with publicity.