About Us

Creative Work was born in the wake of huge changes in Asia's media environment caused by the relaxation of censorship, the ever-increasing use of the Internet and greater interest in Asian culture. The literary and film agency aims to assist authors, script writers and film/documentary producers to explore the creative and commercial aspects of their ideas and work.

Creative Work also produces and finances films, and is the publisher of the quarterly magazine, the Asia Literary Review.

Duncan Jepson (Director)

A lawyer by profession, Duncan Jepson has been involved in a wide range of film and television work from producer/writer to legal structuring and financing. He has produced three feature films: Rice Rhapsody (with JCE Movies), which won the award for Best Actress at the Newport Beach Film Festival, for Best Theatrical Film at the Houston Film Festival and for Best New Director at the Hong Kong Film awards 2006; Perth, winner of the New Talent Award at Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and Best Film Awards (both jury and public awards) at the Lyon Asian Festival 2006.

He was Director of a production company, which has made numerous documentaries for television channels including Discovery Channel Asia and National Geographic Channel, in particular, Hanging Coffins, which won Discovery Channel Asia's Best Documentary award 2005. Duncan was awarded a script writers development grant in 2004 by the Singapore Film Commission.

In 2003, he was the editor of West East Magazine, which was awarded Best Magazine by 'Society of Asian Publishers' and was selected as one of the top three foreign independent magazines by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. In 2004 he launched the Asia Literary Review with writer/journalist Nury Vittachi, and organised China's first youth street writing competition in 2005. He is currently working on his fourth film, Youth, Freedom and the Future: China's Hip Hop Generation. Duncan is a Director of Creative Work Limited.

Peter Koenig (Director)

Peter Koenig is an American who has lived in London since 1983. He is a former business editor of The Independent on Sunday newspaper, a television documentary producer and published fiction writer. He is a winner of an Overseas Press Club Award in the US and a Business Journalism of the Year award in the UK. He is a non-executive Director of Music Copyright Solutions Plc, an international music publishing company and the strategic business advisor to Creative Work.

Ilyas Khan (Director)

Ilyas is a writer, and has published both fiction and non-fiction books. He is a regular contributor of articles and book reviews for a variety of regional and international publications, and within Creative Work Limited takes a special interest in the development of the Asia Literary Review, and the company's relationship with several key partners and associates, including the Hong Kong Literary Festival.

Outside of the creative field, Ilyas Khan is the founder and major shareholder of Hong Kong-listed Techpacific Capital, an investment company that comprises Crosby Capital Partners (listed in London), and Tokyo-listed oil and gas company IB Daiwa.

Ilyas has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 1989, and prior to establishing Techpacific, worked for investment banks such as Citigroup and UBS.